Sourcing & Purchasing Products in China

Sourcing has impacts on everything: prices, quality, timelines, and more. Consult your sourcing agent in China to find the right supplier, as this can be highly profitable for your business.

Finding the Best Manufacturer or Merchant for Your Chinese Products

With Diwanati, we understand that no quality control or factory management can transform a bad factory producing below-average quality into a good one. It simply doesn't happen.

Unless you find the right manufacturer or merchant for the product you're importing from day one, your chances of success will be severely limited.

At Diwanati, we know that finding the right supplier requires locating a capable, ethical, experienced manufacturer or merchant who understands your market, has the capacity, can meet your pricing, and also values your business. Bringing together all these elements is not easy."

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Your sourcing and product procurement agent in China

Our sourcing approach has enabled us to grow both our clients and Diwanati.com as a company, resulting in the introduction of millions of dollars worth of qualified, high-quality products to the market. At Diwanati, we are passionate about sourcing because we understand that when we do it right, our clients thrive, and our business flourishes!
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Product Market Entry Process

We combine sourcing and quality assurance processes to ensure our clients' success in bringing their products to market.

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Our experienced professionals are capable of finding the right manufacturer at the right price, every time.

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Product Sourcing in China - Why Diwanati?

Sourcing and purchasing your product in China through our professional agents based in China enables you to find the best manufacturer or merchant for you.

The Reasons to Choose Diwanati.com

Hassle-free Service

As a trusted partner, we always provide you with a hassle-free service by transparently managing the entire sourcing and shipping process, from product research to delivery, including customs procedures and documentation, and beyond. Customs formalities are also handled efficiently.

Competitive Prices

Years spent in the industry creating long-term contracts with highly reputable manufacturers, Chinese merchants, and carriers; a substantial volume of goods delivered each year... all of this contributes to our competitive prices.

On-Time Delivery

Timeliness is crucial in the business world. That's why we only collaborate with credible and reliable carriers to ensure your goods are delivered to Africa safely, on time, every time.

What are you waiting for?

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